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Congratulations! If you are reading this, you must be celebrating the opening of a new business or the expansion/relocation of an existing business in Dunwoody or the surrounding area. We are excited for your success and value the opportunity to help you mark this important occasion! We hope the following information is helpful to you. Please contact the Chamber office at (678) 244-9700 with questions. *Please note that the Chamber's engagement in these celebrations are limited to those in the Marketing Membership tier or above. Also, during this time of COVID-19, we are unable to host in person events - however, we are more than happy to arrange a Virtual Ribbon Cutting.
What is a Chamber ribbon cutting?
A ribbon cutting is the ceremonial opening of a new or newly-renovated/relocated business. It can launch a business’s first day of business or it can take place after the business’s opening. Yes, you actually cut a ribbon! Each business decides where they would like to cut their ribbon. The most common location is across the main entrance of the building but it can also be at another important location within the business, especially during inclement weather. Because a ribbon cutting marks a very important moment in the business’s history, it is also a great photo opportunity. Each business chooses the group of people they want assembled for their photo. Furthermore, the ribbon cutting ceremony gives the business owner or manager a chance to say a few words to those who attend. In the past, business owners have used the time to publicly thank those who have helped to make their business aspirations a success. They also take the opportunity to talk about their business’ products and services. You must be a new or current Chamber member in good standing for the Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber to support and help coordinate your ribbon cutting.
What are the benefits of holding a Chamber ribbon cutting?
By hosting a ribbon cutting, you can: Announce your ribbon cutting on the Chamber’s website calendar. Begin a customer base. Familiarize the public and Chamber members with your physical location. Familiarize the public and Chamber members with your product/services. Generate possible leads and sales from attendees. Have your business’s ribbon cutting photo and cutline sent to local media outlets. Introduce both the public and Chamber members to your business. Publish a photo of your ribbon cutting in the Chamber’s E-Newsletter, Chamber Chatter, to approximately 500+ businesses
What does the Chamber charge to conduct a ribbon cutting?
We provide all of the following services absolutely free to Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber members as part of your membership benefits!
What does the Chamber do for my ribbon cutting?
The Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber will gladly: Arrive at your location early to go over the outline of the event. Bring the official ribbon-cutting scissors. Invite Chamber members, local officials and the media. List your ribbon cutting on the Chamber’s website calendar. Provide you with the ribbon. Publish a photo of your ribbon cutting in weekly email to members, Access Perimeter. Send the photo of your ribbon cutting and a cutline to local media outlets. Take a photo of your ribbon cutting and email it to you afterwards (using our camera). Welcome attendees and speak at your ribbon cutting. Upload photographs of the event to our social media site(s).
What do I do for my ribbon cutting?
We ask you to carefully consider and determine: Your date and time. After many ribbon cuttings, the Chamber has discovered that mid-day ribbon cuttings draw the largest crowds. We have also discovered that mid-week (Tuesdays through Thursdays) work best for attendance. We’re sorry; the Chamber cannot promise assistance with ribbon cuttings on weekends and holidays. Who will cut the ribbon? The owners or top executives most frequently do the honors, but each business is different and can pick whomever they like! If the Mayor attends, he or she often cuts or helps to cut the ribbon. Have your remarks or speech ready. These are usually given when everyone is gathered around the ribbon and before it is cut. Other details help to enhance your event include. Refreshments, drinks, door prizes, and decorations are all optional and up to you. Many businesses add these extra touches when conducting a public grand opening in conjunction with the ribbon cutting. Organize a separate PR campaign. If you would like to invite the general public, you should explore other advertising avenues. Complete and submit the Chamber’s Ribbon Cutting Registration Form below. It will be immediately emailed to the Chamber and we will reach out to you to confirm details soon!
Who will attend my ribbon cutting?
The Chamber will automatically invite the Chamber’s membership, media and local officials by sending them a Ribbon Cutting Notice two weeks before the event. While we’ll list your ribbon cutting on our website calendar, we encourage you to conduct your own PR campaign to increase the attendance and awareness of your business’s opening. You should also consider inviting your business partners, financiers, contractors, employees, customers, friends, and family to be with you to celebrate this momentous occasion in your business’s history.
What have other businesses done to make their ribbon cutting and/or grand opening unique?
Conducted a separate PR campaign to try to grab media attention. Decorated with balloons, banners, lights, and etc. Gave door prizes or other give-a-ways. Gave free samples of their product or services. Hosted an on-site remote radio broadcast. Invited corporate staff from out-of-town corporate headquarters. Invited lots of clients, employees, and/or board directors from their organization. Offered complimentary appetizers. Offered complimentary beverages. Sent a special direct mail piece/invitation to area residents and/or non-member businesses. Sent a special invitation to the entire Chamber membership.
Ribbon Cutting Registration Form
Ribbon Cuttings must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Ribbon Cuttings are only scheduled Tuesday – Thursday between the hours of 10am and 3pm.
Event Type *
Please check all that apply.
Format: M/d/yyyy
Format: M/d/yyyy
Contact Information
This person will be the main point of contact for the event.
Address of Ribbon Cutting Event
Remember, the more information you give us the more likely it is to grab the public's attention and get them to attend. Examples include 'we are giving away $100 gift card to use our services,' '______ will be catering the event,' ' beer and wine will be served,' and etc.
You may also upload a logo, flyer or other item pertaining to your event. This item may be used for publicity.
Chamber Contact Information
If you have questions please contact: Stephanie Freeman, at stephanie@perimeterchamber.com

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